We offer the following services to NGOs, Companies and Individuals:

Financial Management

This involves the verifiable management of grant or other funds including financial accounting, verification of payment requests and supporting documentation, the collection and review of advances liquidation and preparing frequent financial reports and archiving of all relevant documents.

Internal Auditing

This includes compliance, programme and audits to ensure compliance of NGO’s organisational policies, company taxation and procedures to donor requirements and terms of programme documents as as tax laws. We offer systematic value for fund audits to ensure that entities’ operations are effectively and efficiently managed.

We also conduct special and forensic investigations in accordance with client requirements.

Systems Review & Capacity Building

Working with either companies, donors or local NGOs we assist in the setup or review of financial systems to ensure that organisations have the ability to report accurately and timely to stakeholders.

We carry out organisational capacity assessments to gauge an organisation’s financial systems and determine the risks of inadequate performance, fraud and abuse and non-compliance with requirements and laws.

Univest Capital also reviews periodic financial reports prepared by partners to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the reported figures.

Training Workshops

We conduct training workshops which are aimed at building the capacity of finance and non-finance staff. In addition to the workshops, we also carry out on the job coaching, seminars and one on one training. Some of the workshops that we hold include:

    Financial Management for Finance Staff

    Financial Management for Non Finance staff

    Strategic financial management

    Corporate governance

    Fraud detection and prevention

Accounting & Auditing