Skills Exchange

Welcome to the new and unique Univest Skills Exchange (USX), bringing you a Talent and Skills exchange platform where you can bring what you have in terms of Skills, Talent, Experience etc, in exchange for the Skills, Talent and Expertise that you need.

In other words, this is it: Univest Skills Exchange seeks to promote a better sense of community for everyone. While the current monetary system has brought much prosperity to our society, we must be careful not to think about everything in terms of money. No price can be tied to meeting and using your skills to help others in need, including yourself. There is a lot of value in meeting others in your community and sharing your knowledge. Giving and receiving are the essence of life, so find some help if you need it and help others whenever you can!

Univest Skills Exchange welcomes everyone who wishes to participate in improving lives in Swaziland and the world at large. Let your skills be available to help others, and let other help with the skills they have which you might not have yourself. Instead of using money to get whatever you need, exchange your skills and talents and save money for other needs that cannot do without money. We will help you connect and socialise with other people and their skills, talent and experience in the different professions or trade.

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Our Pledge

We pledge to collaborate with our clients to develop strategic approaches that

meet their needs. We also pledge to collaborate across practices and offices to provide integrated services to our clients making the best use of our collective resources to provide effective and efficient solutions.